DB Building Conservation is based in Essex and provides specialist repairs to listed and historical buildings in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire. Our expertise is in restoring timber framed houses, particularly through lime plastering & rendering and the use of traditional materials such as wattle and daub and lath and plaster.

We are well versed in the increasing range of modern breathable and sustainable materials that can be used to repair and enhance historic buildings. These include insulating plasters, hemp lime mixes, wood fibre board and breathable decorative finishes such as limewash and clay paint.

Our listed building repairs aim to conserve historic fabric wherever possible and to use "like for like" materials for the maintenance and renewal of historic buildings. "As much as is necessary and as little as possible" is the guiding principle. We also believe that an historical understanding of the materials and construction of old houses is an essential background whenever work is being planned.

Dan Burnstone has been involved in the practical repair of many listed buildings in Essex where he is based and historical buildings in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. He works with clients and homeowners on a number of fronts including lime plastering, guidance on repairs, obtaining listed building consent, producing Heritage Statements.

Dan has an MSc with Distinction in Building Conservation from the University of York. He has a special expertise in vernacular buildings and their conservation using traditional materials.

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