Historic Building Consultancy in Essex

We are a historic building consultancy with years of experience in the practical repair of traditional and historical buildings. As well as being involved in practical repair, we advise owners of historic buildings on appropriate repair strategies using traditional and modern materials that are in sympathy with the building. As part of doing this, we also help clients obtain consent for works on listed buildings by making sure that their proposals are in keeping with the best interests of the building and its historic character.

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If you would like to discuss your building restoration project or would like further advice on historic building conservation please contact us:

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  • Lime Plastering & Rendering
  • Lath and plaster
  • Insulating plaster, including hemp plaster
  • Wattle and daub reinstatement or replacement
  • Installation of natural insulation
  • Installation of wood fibre board
  • Historic Building Consultancy
  • Assistance with Listed Building Consent applications

Specialist Lime Plastering and Rendering in Essex

DB Building Conservation is a specialist lime plastering company Essex. We offer a range of lime plastering services including internal and external plastering, lath and plaster work, hemp-lime plaster and a range of insulating plasters. We also undertake plaster repairs and wattle and daub reinstatement.

Historic Building Consultancy in Essex
Cement render and metal lath repair in Essex
Lime Plaster Specialist in Essex
Historical building plinth repair in Essex
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